God’s Masterpiece

God’s Masterpiece

Genesis 1:26-31; 2:7

Pastor Adam Mallett, Jr.

Adapted from sermon by

Pastor Gary DarDar, Jr.

Continuing in our study of Genesis 1-11, we arrive at the part of the story where we come in. God created the earth and the heavens, the animals and the plants, and He then formed us in a way that was very different from the rest of creation. Rather than speaking us into existence, He formed us. He was hands-on in creating humankind! He then breathed His life into us. Your translation might say breath, or even spirit. It is that intimacy that makes us different and special! I would like to discuss that special-ness in this article. 

I often forget that I am a masterpiece. although, if you ask my wife, she might say otherwise! I have the flaw of sometimes thinking too highly of myself, but even in my most prideful moments, I still live without regard for the fact that God created me as His masterpiece! Do you think of that fact about yourself often? It is an important fact to live in light of! Actually, that fact ought to change the way we think and behave! God created you and me in a special way; a way that was perfect and precise! More often than not, I live as though my sinful nature defines me. My thoughts and actions seem to suggest that I identify with my humanity, rather than identify with my divinity. Now, I’m not trying to suggest that Adam Mallett, Jr. is divine or anything more than human, but I think that God’s Word suggests that about all people. Lets take a closer look at this passage of scripture.

There are a few words or phrases that I highlighted as I took notes and went over these scriptures. Image, likeness, formed, living being. These words speak volumes about our nature as broken humanity! First, lets think about the humanity part. It is true that I am sinful. It is true that I am not as God intended humanity to be when He first formed Adam and Eve. When our forerunners sinned for the first time, they stripped away our divinity, leaving us with a broken shell of what we were supposed to embody. To this day, that first sin means that my life is riddled with sin. My being is one of brokenness. Because of my brokenness, I am forced to live in the shadow of my wickedness and the wickedness of those around me. This world has gone dark! And I daily contribute to that darkness. It is just who I am, as a human being. I am full of failure! That is what it means to be a human.

Yet, humans were created in a way that was different from the rest of creation. What is that difference? We were given what Moses would have written as Ruach. A word that translates literally as breath or wind, this is how the Holy Spirit of God is named in Hebrew. That Ruach is what we find to be hovering over the void when God created all things. Yet, when it comes to forming humanity, that Ruach is what God imbues us with in order to animate us! Our bodies are animated by the breath of God! We have a connection with God that the rest of creation lacks. The Bible tells us that God is Spirit, and we learned Sunday that we are created in God’s image. That Ruach of God is what makes us in the image of God. That Spirit, breathed in Adam at creation, continues to work in humanity, drawing us to the Father and making us able to connect with Him. As Pastor Gary said Sunday, we are a chip off the old block! We resemble God, somewhere beneath the dirt of our sinfulness!

This brings me to what I’d really like to drive home in your heart today. As I mentioned earlier, I often forget that I am a masterpiece. A creation hand-crafted by the Master to resemble Him; to represent Him! Though the darkness of this world can cover up that light that was breathed into me at creation, it cannot remove or defeat that light! All the darkness in the world is still not enough to quench the fire of the Ruach of God inside of me! Yet, so many of us allow the Enemy, or our own minds, to convince us otherwise. We hear the whispers of the world, and we believe them. We begin to view the world, and our own lives, through the dirt that accumulates on us. Our behavior is affected, our thinking is affected, and our ability to have fellowship with God is affected! As we allow dirt to pile up, we reduce our ability to be used by God to build the Kingdom! 

God provides a way for us to be cleaned of all this dirt and darkness! Salvation, of course, redeems us from the slavery of sinfulness, but we continue to seek forgiveness as we continue to sin in this broken world. And we continue to receive sanctification as we grow closer to our Father! However, when we forget to live in light of the fact that we are fearfully and wonderfully made, masterpieces of the Master of creation, we are forgetting to receive that cleaning, that forgiveness, that is always available to us! And we wallow in our darkness. We are reminded of our masterful existence when we spend time in communion with God, whether through prayer, worship, or studying the Word. Make sure that you do not neglect to allow God to remind you of who you are in Him! 

You are a masterpiece, according to God! According to the world, you don’t amount to much, but that is because the world can only see what is on the outside of you, where all the dirt accumulates. But your Heavenly Father knows your heart, because He created it. He recognizes His Spirit within you, and He desires to cultivate you into exactly what He intended you to be! Let Him do that! And be sure that you are listening to His Word, rather than the word of the Enemy. He is Truth and Love, and He is for you!

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