Part One

Genesis 7-8

Pastor Adam Mallett, Jr.

Adapted from sermon by

Pastor Gary DarDar, Jr.

We learned in the last article about Noah’s blameless state in the midst of a very wicked world. God saw Noah’s faith, and gave him the opportunity to be saved from the wrath that was about to be poured out. This week, we read about the coming of the flood, and the subsequent destruction. Noah and his family were safe inside of the ark, protected from the wind and the rain that raged outside. Along with all the animals, as well as his family, Noah was able to ride out the storm within the walls of the ark that he built.

Noah had the peace of God as the storm raged! It is said often, but it is always worth repeating: Peace is not the absence of trouble! Noah’s story is a perfect example of peace! Despite the storm, Noah and his family were safe and dry. Despite the chaos and destruction, Noah and the animals were taken care of. As people of God and students of His Word, we are taught that we can find peace within His will for us. We understand that so long as we are acting in accordance with His will, we have peace, regardless of the circumstances that surround us. We see that in Noah’s life! But here’s the thing, Noah was only safe within the walls of the ark because he built them exactly as God commanded! To have built an ark was not enough! God didn’t command that Noah design and build an ark. God gave exact measurements and specifications for the ark! Only by building the ark according to those specifications was Noah able to find peace in the storm. Only by being exactly obedient was Noah able to be saved. If Noah had made the living room a little bigger, or stocked the pantry a little fuller, he might not have been saved! God is orderly, specific, and purposeful. He is perfect in those attributes! 

I remember helping my dad build things like barns, sheds, or animal cages around the house. He was so precise in what he built! You have probably never gotten out a piece of paper and used the Pythagorean theorem since graduating school, but my dad sure did! He would measure twice, cut once. Then measure again using formulas and equations to ensure that the foundation was square, the roof was at the right angle, the staircase was an appropriate slope. His truck fit perfectly in our barn, down to the height of the mule-eared exhausts. The camper fit perfectly in its place. The chute for the feed trough was just the right size. That is the kind of precision that God expects from us as we carry out His will for our lives! If I had done a bad job cutting the floor joists, the foundation wouldn’t have been square, which would have made the walls and the roof difficult to build properly. It is the same with God! If Noah hadn’t followed God’s instructions to the t, the ark would not have been able to serve its purpose! 

God’s provision for us is perfect, even when that provision requires that we enter the storm. He has checked and doubled checked to make sure that He has provided just what we need… No! In fact, God has not checked and double checked. He has not taken even a second to make sure that His provision is perfect for His children. God is perfection. He knows absolutely everything all at once! He doesn’t have to check! He doesn’t have to verify the agenda or itinerary. He doesn’t have to make a grocery list. He doesn’t have to make reservations. God is way ahead of us in making provision for His people. Noah spent 120 years building the ark and preaching to all who would hear, but before Noah picked up his first tool, God had an olive shoot ready. Before Noah bothered his first neighbor, God had a dove ready. Before we took our first breath, He made a way for us to make it through our financial struggle, our anxious stronghold, and our shadowed uncertainty. God is thorough in making sure that we have what need to be who He created us to be and do what He created us to do! His doesn’t miss a thing!

Therefore, we must not miss a thing. We cannot expect the walls of our ark to hold up if we only spent some time building them. We cannot pencil God’s will into our agenda! God’s will must become our agenda! That is the only way for us to find peace, despite whatever storm may rage around us. Maybe our commitment to God will make us feel as though we will run out of resources. Maybe our commitment to God’s plan for our life will make us feel as though we will miss out on something good or important. We must learn to trust God’s will and provision and goodness and strength, just as Noah did. Noah’s story stands as an eternal example! Every rainbow we see is a reminder of God’s promise not to flood the earth in such a catastrophic way, but I see them as a reminder of God’s faithfulness demonstrated to Noah. Rainbows should remind us that God brought Noah through what He brought him to! Rainbows ought to remind us that God has a high standard that He expects us to strive to uphold as we do life and seek to be obedient to Him! 

Has God given you an ark to build? If you are breathing, the answer is yes. Have you sought Him for the exact specifications? God might not lay the entire blueprint out like He did for Noah, but God will reveal exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it. You just have to ask! You just have to be faithful to hear what He has to say, believe it, and act on it! Build your ark, trusting God through the process and in the storm!


*Edit: I accidentally copied and pasted my last college essay! Thankfully I caught it so you didn’t have to read that nonsense!

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