The Love Of Jesus Makes A Difference

Everyone experiences struggles and strongholds, and the world offers us many solutions. Unfortunately, none of those solutions will bring about the change that we so desperately need! Only the love of Jesus can make that difference in our lives!


The Depths Of God’s Love

God’s love is so very deep! He loves us in spite of us, yet His Word calls us to change. We can’t be good on our own, but praise God for the righteousness of His Son and the indwelling of His Holy Spirit to help us grow into what He created us to be!

Neighborhood Watch: Coming To The End Of Ourselves

We all have achievements, talents and abilities, and a place of comfort and familiarity in life. However, those things often hinder us from being able to build the Kingdom! I invite you to humble yourself as you study this week, allowing the Holy Spirit to be your enabler, in order that you might act out of the power of the Spirit, rather than your own human, broken, imperfect “power.”